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If you have been contacted by Schreiber/Cohen, LLC regarding a past due account that you may owe to one of our clients, please take a moment to read this Notice of Important Rights.

Naturally we must represent the interests of our client, which interests are counter to yours, but we genuinely want to work with you in a professional and courteous manner and reach a mutually agreeable resolution.


If you feel you have received a less than satisfactory experience from our office, please contact:

David Howard, Esq.
Chief Attorney Compliance Officer
53 Stiles Road
Suite A102
Salem, NH 03079

Please be sure to include your full name, file number if you have it, brief summary of your experience and preferred method of contact so that we may investigate the matter and respond accordingly. We strive to offer a great consumer experience and truly want your feedback.

Hardship Program

Schreiber/Cohen, LLC recognizes that you may be experiencing a particular hardship, either temporary or permanent, of which we and/or our client are unaware. Some examples are loss of job, illness, death of a spouse, etc. If you would like to see if you qualify for hardship consideration, please send a detailed letter explaining the circumstances of your hardship, supporting documentation, and proof of employment, unemployment or Social Security awards to the below address:

Schreiber/Cohen, LLC
53 Stiles Road
Suite A102
Salem, NH 03079

Upon receipt of this information, we will review your file with our client and determine whether or not you may qualify for hardship consideration. Under certain circumstances, we or our client may request additional information in order to make that determination.