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Massachusetts Protected Income

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Massachusetts Protected Income

You may not have to pay us while your only income is any of the following:

▪ Wages up to $550 per week

▪ Social Security benefits

▪ Pensions

▪ Veterans’ Benefits

▪ Child Support

▪ Unemployment Benefits or

▪ Workers’ Compensation Benefits.

Please write or call us if you receive any income from the above sources or any other government benefits, and we will send you a form for you to complete regarding your income. Although you may not be legally required to pay us from any of the above sources, you may voluntarily pay us using money from any of them. Even if you do not have to pay us at this time, we may still seek a judgment in court against you, if a judgment has not already entered, but you cannot be ordered to pay the judgment from the sources of income listed above. We also reserve the right to make future inquiry about any changes in your financial circumstances.