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Consumer Accounts Receivable

Client-Partnering Model

We do not offer a one-size-fits-all strategy like many of our competitors. We understand your business needs and strategies. Then we customize an analytics program which maximizes accounts receivable efforts to increase revenues.

Our in-depth portfolio analysis is based on years of historical law firm strategic data, and characteristics attributed to particular accounts. Based on this modeling procedure, we can estimate the amount of revenue a client can expect within a specified period of time, using different strategies.

In this manner, not only are we able to target those accounts that are more likely to pay, but we quantitatively demonstrate to our clients what is reasonably expected. The methodology is how we differ from our competition.

Single-Source Solution

Our legal recovery offices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine eliminates having to use multiple law firms throughout New England.

Schreiber Law, LLC provides comprehensive consumer and commercial/complex accounts receivable services including, but not limited to the following areas:

Legal Action Recovery

  • Consumer/Retail Accounts Receivable
  • Pre-suit Recoveries
  • Post-Judgment RemediesWage Garnishments (in states permitting the same)
  • Bank Attachments
  • Filing and Renewal of Judgment Lien
  • Supplementary Process Proceedings

Business Acumen

Schreiber Law, LLC has built its reputation and extensive client base on a commitment to accounts receivable excellence. Whether the firm is following FDCPA guidelines, maintaining security requirements , or reaching and exceeding client call center expectations, our teams are committed to working hard to recover your defaulted accounts.

We Understand Accounts Receivable Management

We know how important it is for you to manage your business accounts receivable needs. At Schreiber Law, LLC, our goal is to offer each client a thorough, ocused and highly effective recovery strategy while minimizing legal exposure. We understand that your brand is your most valuable asset. Consequently, we never tarnish or impair the image of your company. We are confident that our customized programs, operational workflows and reporting procedures will meet your expectations.